Thursday, August 18, 2011

We are saying good-bye

Good morning everyone.  Today will be our last post as we end this summer season.  You may be aware that we are about to enter our busy season and time will not allow me to dedicate much to our blog. I hope you have enjoyed this blog to date and will keep visiting our store.  We appreciate you and look forward to see you soon. 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bedroom Set in Today

A set of beautiful bedroom pieces came in today.  Boy are they solid.  They just don't make them like they use to.  These are so pretty.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Posters, Prints and Pictures

Good morning everyone!  Today, I would like to share a few pictures that we have in our store.  I love the originality and details in many of them.  Enjoy looking.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Over The Top

I couldn't believe my eyes.  Monday morning I walked into our kitchen and there were these three humongous green objects on one of our carts. What in the world are these, I asked.  Our cook happen to be standing there and her reply was....squash. 
 TJ is our cook and she is an avid gardener.  One of her passions is growing vegetables.  She mixes, prepares, adds etc. to her gardens to make them the very best.  Obviously she did very well for the squash you see below.  They are called "Fuzzy Squash" and they are HUGE.  About eighteen to twenty-four inches between the three of them.  Friday's the day she is going to cook them up for our recipients.  I can't wait to see what's on the inside.  I'll keep you posted.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Friends are like family

I feel blessed to be a part of such a wonderful organization.  Of course the Meals on Wheels program is a God send for so many people.  But this time I wanted talk about our customers at the store.  Since the beginning of my time with Meals on Wheels, I  have been touched by so many people and I've developed relationships with many of our customers.  So many come because they love the thrill of the hunt and some come because they need a certain something.  What ever the reason we are so happy they come in to see us. The conversations with those who are buying for others, or the mention of an issue in their lives that is important to them becomes imortant to us.  The phrase, "please pray for me..." tells me they trust us.  That's huge in my book.    I wish I could name everyone whom we have all grown to love, but that could take while, so I'll just say thanks to all of you for being our friends.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Get ready for the 4th

It's right around the corner.  Get everything ready.  Be prepared!  All the way down to your outfit.   Eusabia put this outfit together for your enjoyment.  Way to go Sabia!  What would we do without you?!  

Friday, June 24, 2011

Fun Collections

It seems that alot of people collect one thing or another.  Some things are more valuable than others, and some are less valuable.  I'm thinking of one of our customers who collects marbles.  He stops in from time to time to see if we have any.  As you can see in the picture I found, marbles have beautiful markings and it's interesting to see all the different designs.

Others collect coca cola things. 
What ever your taste, it's fun to go out and look for the things you love.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Suitcase In Tow

I had to take this picture of one of our customers as he was about to leave our store.  He had purchased a very large suitecase. This suitcase was extra, extra large in size and there was no way he could set this on his lap to get it home.  After I finished ringing him up, he asked me if I could hook it on to the back of his chair.  He had two large hooks that were, for the lack of better words, kind of spring fed connected to the back part of his wheel chair.  I said of course and off he went.  I could just picture him going down the street with this and as I watched him go towards the door, I  chuckled a bit because it was kind of cute.   A very large suitcase following a chair is not something you see everyday.  .  When I asked if I could take a picture for our blog, he said sure.   
My thought is that if gas goes up, up, up again, we may all be getting around town in similar ways.
Thank you sir for the picture.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Save That Table

This idea I've known about for a long time and have always wanted to implement it somewhere in my home.  I've just never gotten around to it.  Martha Stewart left directions on exactly how to do this. (What would we do without Martha?)
1. Unscrew the extension mechanism from the bottom of the table. Remove the part of the table you won't be using.
2. Sand the remaining part, then prime and paint it.
3. Nail or screw a two-by-two-inch piece of wood to the wall at the height of the tabletop so that the edge of the table rests on the wood support.
4. Screw through the top of the table to the wood support; fill the holes with wood filler, and paint over them.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Shirt Off His Back

This idea came from Country Living. 
Make great pillows from mens shirts .  The directions are below. 

blue pillows

STEP 1: Iron shirt to smooth out all wrinkles. Button it, then pin the shirt's front and back to each other to keep them together when cutting.

STEP 2: Cut out the shirt to match the shape of your pillow insert — adding two inches to both the width and length, and centering the row of buttons down the front. (You'll now have two pieces of fabric.)

STEP 3: Repin the fabric so the shirt's finished sides face each other. Sew the pieces together using a 6/8-inch seam. Snip the corners at an angle to ease turning.

STEP 4: Unbutton the fabric and turn the pillowcase right side out. Iron, then rebutton.

STEP 5: Topstitch around the case twice — first 1/8 inch from the edges, then 3/8 inch from the edges — to finish it.

STEP 6: Unbutton the case, insert the pillow, then rebutton and fluff.

Follow these instructions to add rickrack trim to your tailor-made cushions.
Cut an old shirt as described in Steps 1 and 2, but adding only 1/2 inch to both the fabric's width and length. You will have two pieces of material: one with buttons (keep them closed) and one without. Take the piece without buttons and pin rickrack along the perimeter of its front side. Rickrack should be parallel to the edges with no overhang. Machine-baste the rickrack onto the fabric using a scant 1/8-inch seam (you will just be sewing across the top of the rickrack to hold it in place — the trimming will flip up once the pillow is inserted). Pin the two pieces of fabric together so the side with the buttons and the side with the rickrack face each other. Sew together using a 1/4-inch seam. Unbutton the case, turn it right side out, and insert pillow.

A few gatherings

Many times when we go to a thrift store or flea market we just look for things that pop out at us.  But, when you take a little time to match things up, you could put together a beautiful setting for an end table or dinning table.  Slow down and smell the roses and you could go home a very happy shopper.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hankies from the Past

Vintage appeal
Ladies pretty hankies can usually be found at most thrift stores and flea markets. But if your one of those people who think these little things are adorable and just don't know what in the world you could do with them, well, here's an idea.

You'll need to decide how many you want to use in order to create a collage or hanging.  Press each one of them and then secure them individually to a 14 inch artist canvas.  You will need fusable webbing for this.  The rest is just as easy. Hang on a nail or mounting strip and your done.

                  Diy -BHG

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Design a hanging pot rack

The next time you run across an old screen think about this project.  A hanging pot rack.  All you need is a screen door, take out the screen and replace it with heavy-gauge wire mesh.  Suspend the door from the kitchen ceiling with heavy metal chains. You'll use "S" hooks for hanging the pots and pans.  Easy, breezy project. 

Do it yourself -Better Homes and Gardens

Monday, June 13, 2011

Does this picture appeal to anyone else.  Every time I walk by the shelf it sits on at our store, I look at it and I just imagine a calm, peaceful, quite lifestyle. Although, I'm not sure that kind of life really exist.  Maybe it does.   I'll just continue basking in my dream of living in the countryside of rolling hills like this one, with just a few neighbors around, flower gardens that are perfect for picking, home grown vegetables ready to be picked and enjoyed and a beautiful home ready to be visited by family and friends.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Calling All Magazine Lovers

Reading magazines is one of my favorite pasttimes, but they can get expensive if your buying them from the store.  Lucky for you we have lots to choose from for a fraction, (trust me when I say fraction) of the retail cost.